Flash floods leave Papar villagers counting losses

PAPAR, July 25 — The flash floods that hit several villages in Papar district yesterday have resulted in the affected villagers suffering huge losses as they could not save their household equipment in time.

Yesterday, a total of 29 residents from 13 villages in the district were evacuated to the temporary relief centre at Papar Community Hall after their villages were inundated in flood waters.

Among the affected villages include Kampung Tanaki; Kawang; Gusi; Sri Menanti; Pekan Kinarut; Anak Kinarut; Taman Gloxinia; Taman Rose Garden; Kelanahan; Kopimpinan; Beringis; Somboi and Kinarut Railway flat.

One of the Kampung Tanaki residents, Connie Fred Joseph, 36, said the flash floods this time were the worst she had ever experienced.

She said that the flood waters at four feet depth had destroyed equipment in her house including items at the grocery store which she had been operating for the past 14 years.

“Fortunately, there are concerned parties who gave us food assistance. Almost all household items including mattresses, sofas and clothes are also wet,” she said when met by Bernama at her home here tonight.

Connie, a mother of two, also said that the calamity had adversely affected her preparations to welcome the upcoming Aidiladha celebrations.

Another villager, Petrus Joseph, 38, who works as a mechanic, said that the flash floods had left two vehicles belonging to his customers submerged in flood waters.

The father of two said he did not expect heavy rain since 1 pm to cause his house to be flooded.

He said that in the past the worst flash floods would be about knee depth only but this time it was a lot worse and resulted in many household items being destroyed and even the electric switches were not spared.

Meanwhile, Don Nathaniel Jules, 21, said the floodwaters left thick layers of mud inside and outside his family’s house.

“Right now we have to clean up the thick mud all over the house,” he said, hoping that the flood problem would get the attention of the relevant authorities.


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