Xavier Justo’s email will prove Najib’s innocence


EVERYONE knows that Datuk Seri Najib Razak is a victim of slander by the political greed of certain parties who are “hungry” for power and wealth.

Many wondered why it took so long to prove his innocence as they knew that Najib had done nothing wrong.

Today, the riddle is answered. Apparently, the email which was the main evidence that Najib did not commit any offense was said to have been blocked from being evidence in court.

When Najib’s case reached the court, not a single piece of the 230,000 emails along with 17,000 documents stolen by Justo was used by the public prosecutor as court evidence against him. In fact, Justo was also not called as a prosecution witness.

In the emails, there is no evidence to show that Najib is guilty or conspiring to cheat or steal 1MDB money.

On the other hand, Justo’s stolen emails can prove that Najib was not involved in any alleged malpractice and fraud.

The Edge once uploaded an email indicating that PetroSaudi’s management and Jho Low conspired to hide information from Najib.

“As an email between Mahony and Obaid reveals, they were exchanging ideas on how to explain the situation to Najib.

It was decided that they would hide from him the fact that 1MDB would have to take a US$500 million loss. Instead, they would impress upon Najib how important it was for 1MDB to quickly invest another US$500 million with them.”

Therefore, Najib’s defense attorney applied to the court to check all the emails that Justo had stolen and handed over to the authorities over the past few years.

But the public prosecutor objected the application on the grounds that Justo’s emails were MACC secrets, could not be verified and should not be used as court evidence.

Finally, after a few days of trial, the judge agreed to order the MACC to provide copies of the emails kept in the form of thumb drive to the defense at the end of December last year.

After two months of waiting, Najib finally received the “thumb drive” at the end of January and his defense has already examined many documents that can be used when his 1MDB case continues after the PKP.

Justo’s stolen emails will be used as court evidence to show Najib’s innocence.

For information, quoting from Datuk Seri Najib facebook post,

Xavier Justo is a Swiss citizen. He was once hired by his friend to work as a director at the PetroSaudi company which had a joint venture with 1MDB from 2009 to 2011.

PetroSaudi Company is owned by prince Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud, the 7th prince of the late King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

However, Justo was fired by his friend from the PetroSaudi company for personal reasons.
Justo is not happy about being fired. When he was fired, he stole the entire email database of the PetroSaudi company.

Then a United Kingdom citizen named Kamal Sidiqqi contacted Xavier Justo so that Justo could sell the PetroSaudi data he stole to Clare Brown from Sarawak Report.

Kamal Sidiqqi has been a close friend of Mahathir for a long time. Even the elevator of Tun Mahathir’s house was installed by Kamal.

In 2010, Tun Mahathir once asked me to give a grant of RM270 million to Proton which was later paid to Kamal Sidiqqi’s company allegedly for the effort to produce electric cars.

But unfortunately, the effort failed and the RM270 million was lost just like that. (That is why, I ignored Mahathir’s order to give another RM3 billion of free grant to Proton in early 2014 until he announced that he would no longer support me as PM in August 2014).

Last September 2020, Mahathir’s Proton Perdana VK5231 car which was found dusty in an abandoned building in the United Kingdom became news.

The abandoned building belongs to Kamal Sidiqqi’s company which has gone bankrupt.

At the time, The Edge owner Tong Kooi Ong agreed to pay Xavier RM8 million for an email database of 230,000 emails sold to Clare Brown and parties.

(Tong Kooi Ong was appointed as a member of the PN government’s Economic Action Council in March, although no one from the BN or PAS was appointed)


After meeting with the 4th PM in January 2015, Clare Brown started using some of the 230,000 emails to make various biased allegations against me and 1MDB that I allegedly conspired with PetroSaudi and Jho Low to steal 1MDB money that had been paid to PetroSaudi.

At the time, PH propaganda was trying to give the impression that Justo’s stolen emails along with Justo’s witness statements were the strongest evidence to bring me to court.

After PH won GE14, Justo moved to Malaysia and was hailed as a hero and given some honors by the PH government.

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