Zahid Made a ‘Big Sin’ To UMNO


Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi as the President of UMNO has committed a ‘Big Sin’ to the sacred party during his tenure.

He who is now bearing the consequences of the ‘Big Sin’ that he committed continues to fight to clear his name and image in court.

Just for refusing to follow Tun Mahathir’s instructions to dissolve UMNO, the UMNO president was charged with various charges and allegations in court.

The political attack on Zahid was no less severe. Character assassination has been done through various means but that still fail to end his political career.

Zahid Attacked

Some opponents used proxies in UMNO to attack Zahid by publishing the book 30 Dalil and distributing it to all UMNO Divisions.

Apart from that, there are also certain movements urging Zahid to immediately resign as UMNO President.

Why was the attack on Zahid intensified even though he did not hold any position in the government? Isn’t it PPBM itself that chanted Umno is not strong and will fill apart thus making PPBM the biggest party of the Malays?

The fear towards Zahid is believed to be because he joined hands with Najib Razak to defend UMNO from all angles of attack.

Respect for Najib’s Views

Respecting Najib’s views and thoughts has been one of the essences of Zahid’s strength against all forms of attacks directed at him.

Zahid once promised that UMNO will return to Putrajaya within 3 years and surprisingly it was proven when Ismail Sabri is now the 9th Prime Minister after Perikatan Nasional collapsed in early August.

Everyone in UMNO, including those who do not like Zahid, need to acknowledge the strength of the UMNO President.

Zahid who leads UMNO with a strong partnership with the Deputy, Vice President and UMNO Supreme Working Council (MKT) is a ‘gift’ that is very valuable for UMNO itself.

Imagine if he bowed to the opposition when taking over the presidency. This will definitely lead to the downfall of UMNO.

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