Muhyiddin and Wan Saiful are big liars, Najib’s lawyer sent a letter of demand

Everyone’s PATIENCE has its limits. The same goes for Datuk Seri Najib (DSN).

“You can criticize and condemn me but don’t slander me anymore. The reason is that I am tired of the relentless slanders, the use of media propaganda as well as the abuse of government agencies against me.”
Najib Razak
9 Sept 2021

It is time for DSN to answer all the absurd allegations along with taking legal action once and for all. The slander was even made way into the special message broadcasted on TV where allegedly DSN had asked for the intervention of the 8th PM in his court cases. DSN has sent a letter of demand against Muhyiddin Yassin through his lawyer regarding the matter.

The letter demanded that Muhyiddin answer clearly if he was the one who channeled the “rumors” about DSN to Wan Saiful. Muhyiddin was also demanded to comment on when and how DSN had asked him to intervene in DSN court cases.

The next step depends on the answer that will be given by Muhyiddin.

The allegation that DSN wanted Muhyiddin to interfere in his trial was made on the assumption that DSN wanted the judge to be changed in the SRC appeal case, not to drop the case.

Therefore, DSN demanded that Muhyiddin state when he had asked Muhyiddin to change judges when since the beginning of the year DSN and UMNO no longer intended to be with the PN government which has repeatedly failed.

Since the establishment of the PN government until now, DSN has only met with Muhyiddin once at the end of December 2020. Never before that and never after that.

DSN went to see Muhyiddin in December to explain the issue of withdrawing EPF money from account 1 which had many conditions at that time.

This is a reply letter from PPBM Information Chief’s lawyer Wan Saiful Wan Jan.

When PPBM Information Chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan was demanded to provide evidence in court, they replied that they only heard from rumors. There is no evidence. Just asking questions. Supposedly wanting to give DSN a chance to answer. That this is their right of freedom to ask under the federal constitution. That was Wan Saiful’s answer.

Referring to Wan Saiful’s lawyer’s official reply, DSN’s lawyer has also sent a similar letter of demand to the 8th PM.

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