RUU 355, DAP will cancel the MoU if approved?


Will the Democratic Action Party (DAP), which opposes RUU 355, act to cancel the MoU with the government if it is passed in Parliament?

Based on the concerns voiced by the DAP Secretary-General at RoketKini, he expressed growing concern when the Minister from PAS proposed Syariah Law.

Looking at the broadcasted parliamentary session, even though the MoU has been signed with the Government and Pakatan Harapan, it seems like the MoU hasn’t happened at all. Quarrels that lead to fights rather than solution as a consensus is very noticeable.


Putting MA63 as DAP’s priority is actually funny to all parties. When DAP and Pakatan Harapan ruled for 22 months, what did they do for Sabah and Sarawak?

Pakatan Harapan itself denied their manifesto at that time in matters involving Sabah and Sarawak but now they want to point fingers at the government?

According to the YAB Prime Minister, Dato Sri Ismail Sabri had previously stated that the government was preparing a draft of the Syariah Court Bill (RUU 355).

What is DAP’s stance on RUU 355? They need to clarify their stance on whether to support the bill or continue to oppose it on the grounds of the fundamental right to freedom of religion?

In fact, DAP does not need to use that reason if they really understand the National Constitution (article 11).

Unfortunately, they manipulated the issue of RUU 355 for political gain in maintaining non-Muslim support.

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