“I am not king” – Abd Rauf Yusoh


Melaka UMNO State Liaison Committee Chairman, Dato Sri Abd Rauf stressed that he is not the ‘King’ as claimed by Melaka politicians.

“I don’t even know why ‘he’ calls me king” – Rauf said while answering the ANDA MUSYKIL KAMI TERJAH crew’s question.

“This title came about when I managed to take over the position of the state government which changed power when PH ruled for 22 months.”

Rauf joked when he stated that the state of Melaka has ‘4 Kings’.

“But in fact, right now how many ‘kings’ are there in Melaka? Previously, there were ‘2 Kings’”.

The Pantai Kundur assemblyman said there were ‘3 Kings’, but I said there were ‘4 Kings’, another one is the ‘King Maker’”.

In the interview, Rauf also explained many things related to the conflict that took place in Melaka.

The political atmosphere in Melaka became hot when 4 Assemblymen – 2 Umno, 1 Independent, 1 PPBM acted by withdrawing support for the Chief Minister of Melaka.

Due to the ‘dramas’, the Melaka State Legislative Assembly has been dissolved by His Excellency (TYT) Melaka.

The action of the 4 Assemblymen is allegedly due to not wanting a Chief Minister controlled by someone and that person is Abd Rauf who is called ‘King’ by politicians.

Highlighting the answers from Rauf, many of the allegations and wild accusations that have been thrown have been answered.

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