`Salt Bae`’s London restaurant accused of removing bad reviews


Turkish restaurateur `Salt Bae` has been criticised for removing bad reviews on Google after many complained about the restaurant’s exorbitant food pricing.

Nusret Gökçe, nicknamed Salt Bae, went viral over the last few weeks after charging a customer a service charge worth £5,000 (RM28,443) at his London Nusr-Et Steakhouse that he launched last month.

Another social media user posted on Twitter saying how a Coke cost £9 (RM51) and was charged £630 (RM3,585) for a Giant Tomahawk steak.

My London reported that a flurry of bad reviews were deleted while Google reviews currently shows a 4.6 star rating with 30 good reviews altogether.

It wasn’t so lucky on UK’s restaurant review and booking website and smartphone app, Squaremeal.
“The prices here are just fraudulent.


“The Gold Burger for £100 (RM570) was super dry and was totally average,” wrote a user who only gave the restaurant a one-star rating.

Another user suggested that to find another place to eat as the hefty price for just taking a photo with the celebrity chef.

Malay Mail

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