PRN Melaka: Will Mas Ermieyatie Fight Rauf in Tanjung Bidara?


Is Masjid Tanah Member of Parliament, Mas Ermieyatie Samsudin trying to give the impression that she will contest against Umno State Liaison Committee Chairman, Dato Sri Rauf in Tanjung Bidara constituency?

Mas made a post about a football match by pocking fun at Dato Sri Najib by making a comparison between her favourite team and Najib’s.

“Just saying that DSN and his team should not go back early in the state election in Masjid Tanah. I’m just worried that they will not have the stomach to even go to the gym after seeing the result tomorrow morning. How many do you think the people of Masjid Tanah will give?”

The former Puteri Umno chief won the Masjid Tanah Parliament on a BN ticket in GE14 with a majority of 8,159 defeating the Pakatan Harapan candidate, but decided to ‘jump’ to Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

keputusan Pru14 Parlimen Masjid Tanah

Mas Ermieyatie who is said to be leaving the Masjid Tanah seat on GE15 for political survival will choose to contest in the DUN only as a preparation but the extent of the authenticity of the news cannot be ascertained.

Her name is also quite ‘hot’ and will be appointed as the Chief Minister of Melaka if she succeeds in defeating Rauf in the Melaka State Election.

Perikatan Nasional has decided to contest in all 28 Melaka state seats in the Melaka State Election.

BN, meanwhile, is refining their list of candidates and it is expected that many ‘new faces’ will be featured this time around.

“I am not king” – Abd Rauf Yusoh

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