Where was Mahathir when Zeti’s issue was revealed?


Where was Mahathir’s explanation when Zeti’s issue was revealed? Why did Mahathir remain silent without daring to comment on cases including those brought up by Tommy Thomas?


To this day, Mahathir, who is famous for his daringness in talking, still keeps his mouth shut.

On the other hand, Mahathir is seen attacking Najib a lot on the issue of land given by the government to the former Prime Minister.

It is very doubtful that Mahathir’s mouth was suddenly locked tight when Zeti and her husband are said to be the real mastermind of the 1MDB conspiracy.

Did Mahathir really know this and was directly involved in the effort to bring down Najib using the 1MDB issue?

The people began to suspect the 1MDB case imposed on Najib as soon as BN lost GE14. It seemed as if the storyline has been carefully planned and certain individuals have been put in place to impose Najib.

Too many unanswered questions including barriers to bringing evidence to Court were imposed on Najib.

The MACC has admitted that a police report has also been lodged by Najib but until today no action has been taken.

Mahathir should also be called to Court if necessary, to answer all his allegations against Najib along with the evidence in order to strengthen his allegations.

Malaysians no longer live in the 80s where everything is controlled by Mahathir.

Don’t fool the people again, Mahathir!

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