Rina Harun will compete in Sepang?



Rumour’s has it that Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Seri Rina Harun will leave the Titiwangsa Parliament and contest in Sepang.

Rina Harun’s frequent appearance in Sepang further strengthened the general perception of her move to Sepang in GE15.

She who went to visit the flood victims in Sepang raised questions as to why she is so concerned about the Sepang area.

It left people wondering whether Rina will pay less attention if floods occur in areas in Titiwangsa, especially Kampong Baru. Is it because the area is under the responsibility of the Minister of Federal Territories?

Are the Titiwangsa voters no longer of value to Rina Harun thus she is more focused on Sepang?

It can be said that Titiwangsa voters often refer their problems to Datuk Seri Johari Ghani even though he is no longer a member of parliament. What is the function of Rina in Titiwangsa?

To win the Sepang Parliament, Rina has to defeat Hanipa Maidin who won the constituency with 46,740 votes in GE14.

How many votes can Rina get from 90,657 votes in GE14 in Sepang?

Although she has been quite popular lately with the action of using the water jet to clear the lizards and insects’ droppings, followed by the story of the ‘magic pan’, Rina is not necessarily well received by Sepang voters.

Titiwangsa voters can now consider changing their MP because she failed to take care of her own constituencies.

Rina Harun datang lagi dengan aksi ‘kuali ajaib’

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