Pahang hit by 2nd wave of floods


Two temporary flood relief centres housing 42 victims were opened in the state capital today, barely 48 hours after all the centres here were closed on Saturday.

The second wave of floods has forced 2,252 victims from 670 families to seek shelter in 54 centres at nine districts across the state.

As of 1pm today, Lipis registered 553 victims from 84 families at 12 relief centres, Rompin which was spared during the first wave of floods last week has 382 victims from 109 families at seven relief centres, while Raub with 278 victims from 84 families at 12 relief centres.

Jerantut has 176 victims from 45 families seeking shelter at four relief centres and Maran with 69 victims from 18 families at five relief centres.

Kuantan which recorded some 16,000 flood victims during the peak of the floods last week has 42 victims from 13 families at two relief centres and Bera with 14 victims from four families at a centre.

Meanwhile, 625 victims in Temerloh and 113 victims in Pekan who were hit by the first wave of floods have yet to return home since arriving at the relief centre in stages since Dec 19.

A state Civil Defence Force spokesman said the second wave of floods since Saturday has forced 1,514 people from seven districts to seek shelter at PPS while two districts namely Temerloh and Pekan have yet to recover from the first wave of floods.

“It is raining in most districts and there is expected to be an increase in evacuees later today. The uncertain weather pattern has been a major concern especially for victims who have cleaned and moved into their homes after the first wave of floods.

“All the relief centres in Kuantan were closed on Saturday but the continuous downpour has forced two centres to be opened today and more centres might be opened if the rain continues,” he said.

At the height of the floods last month, nine districts were struck forcing some 65,000 people to be evacuated.


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