Charging stations to encourage use of alternative modes of transportation

MANILA: A free solar-powered charging station for electronic bicycles (e-bikes) and electronic scooters (e-scooters) will be opened by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

It aims to encourage people to use alternative modes of transportation amid the surging cost of fuel products, the portal reported.

The project also aspires to encourage use of alternative modes of transportation and promote green and renewable energy.

MMDA Chairman Romando Artes said the charging station, which will open on Monday, is located at the agency’s new office in Pasig, with hopes to ease the burden of people with rising fuel prices, by providing free services to avail whenever they need to charge their e-vehicles.

“Putting up free charging stations for electronic vehicles will encourage the public to use alternative modes of transportation and at the same time help them save on fuel expenses,” Artes said.

Artes said they are planning to build another solar charging station at the MMDA headquarters in Makati for those who will be traveling along EDSA.

Three solar panels with a built-in inverter will be the main power source of the station with a total of six 220V charging outlets. Those who wish to charge their e-vehicles must bring their own charging cords and cables.

The charging station uses high technology, where in case solar power harvested will be insufficient to power the e-bikes being charged, the station will tap into the main power grid of the building to compensate for the shortage in power.

All excess electricity being harnessed by the solar panels will be distributed back to the building, according to the MMDA in a statement.


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