MACC investigating illegal logging in Gua Musang

KOTA BARU: The state Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is investigating the possibility of corruption elements that may have led to illegal logging activities in the Nenggiri permanent forest reserve in Gua Musang.

Sources said the commission was also determining if there had been any abuse of power involved in the same matter.

The sources said the Kelantan MACC is expected to call several individuals to help in its probe.

“At the moment, officers from the MACC continue to gather documents from a few departments and they are expected to record statements from certain individuals including state government officers.

“The process (recording statements) is scheduled to take place in stages this month.

“Several state government officers will have their statements recorded including the department that issued the permit for the activities,” the sources told the New Straits Times.

Last month, the state MACC had taken documents from several departments to help in its investigation into illegal logging activities which allegedly took place in the Nenggiri permanent forest reserve.

It had said that the state MACC was probing the issue and is expected to release its findings soon.

It is learnt that the state MACC started to investigate the matter after receiving information about alleged illegal logging activities at the forest reserve early last month.

Gua Musang police had confirmed that it had received a report on encroachment at the Nenggiri forest reserve on June 2.

A non-governmental organisation known as “Save Kelantan” had highlighted the alleged loging activities recently.


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