Zeti and Nazlan’s investigation papers have become “food wrappers”?

Zeti and Nazlan’s investigation papers have become “food wrappers”?


Talking about the investigation papers, surely we cannot avoid commenting on the investigation papers of Zeti, Nazlan and some other names.

However, until today, are their investigation papers just “food wrappers”?

Questions arise when the time taken is too long for the investigation papers that have been submitted by the MACC to the Attorney General’s chambers.

Tommy Thomas’ revelations regarding Zeti in the SRC scandal cannot be denied. In fact, Tommy also admitted it in an interview.

People also wonder why no action has been taken against all the ‘evidence’ submitted involving ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ and Nazlan Ghazali.

Even more surprising, when the Attorney General himself admitted that Nazlan’s investigation papers were not in the Attorney General’s Chambers.

This is different from the initial statement of the ATTORNEY GENERAL which confirmed that Nazlan’s investigation papers are being examined. Which one is actually correct?

“The investigation that started last March has been completed by gathering relevant evidence according to the guidelines and procedures set,” he said.

MACC Azam Baki

On 23 April, MACC Chief Commissioner Azam Baki , confirmed that he had opened an investigation paper regarding Nazlan’s claim that he had RM1 million in his account which could not be explained.

He said the MACC opened investigation papers after receiving “several reports” and not because of allegations made on portals or social media. – FMT Report 21 May 2022

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