Local SME doubles sales with simple advertising platform

OWNING a business is never easy. It often takes years of hard work and long hours, with no recognition, before a brand becomes successful.

It is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs failing or throwing in the towel, especially after trying many ways to market their business.

As for business owners in competitive industries, such as the hijab or tudung business, the challenge is even greater since consumers are spoilt for choice.

One such business is Bawalz.my, a small Kelantan-based shop selling embroidered handmade tudung bawal.

According to its owner, Norsalsabila Zawawi, she started selling hijab to female colleagues in 2017, before starting an Instagram business. Despite running the operations single-handedly out of her home in Kelantan, she began making RM5,000 to RM7,000 a month after boosting her Instagram posts.

Nevertheless, she knew she had to step up her game to be relevant to the market and earn the trust of potential customers.


The moment Norsalsabila learned about REV Ad Manager (RAM), a unique solution that empowers brands and agencies to target audiences based on strategic consumer insights, she decided to run campaign ads for two weeks with RAM.

Using two ad types – awareness and performance – Bawalz.my invested RM2,000 and achieved 0.28% click-through rate (CTR) from MREC and 4.46% CTR for mobile sticky bottom ads.

By the end of the two-week campaign, Bawalz.my recorded an additional RM10,000 in revenue. In other words, the two simple ad types from RAM had doubled her sales.

Other homegrown brands also stand to benefit with RAM, as it is a self-serve platform that enables businesses to access 39 media assets and 15.8 million unique consumers.

It was created in collaboration between REV Media Group, the leading digital publisher in Malaysia and digital arm of Media Prima Berhad, as well as Dattel Asia Group.

Enjoy these advantages when advertising via RAM:
– Buy into network audiences, instead of individual channels
– Allow RAM to recommend and serve the optimal channels
– Enjoy strategic audience targeting with AI consumer models

All it takes is five simple steps:

  1. Create campaign
  2. Create audience
  3. Create creative
  4. Pay & publish ad
  5. Performance report

RAM aims to empower local businesses like Bawalz.my to reach a wider audience.


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