Mahathir is not the solution, Mahathir himself is part of the problems.

Mahathir is not the solution to the country's problems, Mahathir himself is part of the country's problems.

Our country is facing economic problems and the fall in the value of the ringgit currency.

It is true that our country, a trading country, will be hit by economic problems when countries all over the world face the same problem.

However, our country also has side problems that other countries do not have.

Our country is facing image and reputation problems in addition to economic problems.

What needs to be restored is not only the economy but also the image.

Our image has been ruined as soon as the Barisan Nasional government is replaced by the Pakatan Harapan government.

Many good things and good policies are exchanged for bad ones.

There are policies that are changed not because the policies are bad but simply because they are previous government policies and should be eliminated.

Apart from these things, the country’s problems are the result of an unstable government.

The foreign parties considered this government to be temporary.

If it is considered temporary then no agreement can be implemented because it is not known when it will be replaced where the policy might be changed or cancelled.

Meaning, the problem is not only with the existing government, but also because they don’t know who will replace after this.

Even worse, individuals like Tun Mahathir still refuse to sit still and refuse to back down.

In addition to refusing to back down, he is still active in organizing power and still wants to be in power.

The policies of the Mahathir-led Government for 22 months have greatly damaged the country.

Many valuable national assets have been sold and mortgaged.

The national oil company PETRONAS has been looted and squeezed dry.

All this time, the government has never used the savings of Kumpulan Wang Amanah Negara but it was disturbed in the 22-month era of Mahathir’s rule.

Meanwhile, the national debt is increasing and the country is adding new bond debt from Japan.

That’s about the economy, about politics, even worse, political parties are divided and are fighting all time.

If in other countries as soon as the general election is over then ‘politicking’ is also over, but in Malaysia politics continues 24 hours a day.

On other issues, the judiciary has become the subject of people’s satire and criticism.

There are those who really wanted to punish the likes of Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi, but there are also those who are not directly prosecuted like the case of former Governor and Judge Nazlan Ghazali who was confirmed to have accepted bribes as investigated by PDRM and MACC.

The country’s corruption index is getting worse because the perpetrators of corruption are not prosecuted, taking the example of the Zeti and Nazlan corruption cases.

In this regard, there are still dissenting voices wanting to recommend Tun Mahathir to become Prime Minister again.

If Mahathir has the sense to help the country, even now he can give suggestions and ways to solve problems like Najib Razak did.

There is no need for the position of Prime Minister to help the people.

Malaysia’s problem is not only economic, but also an image problem.

The 22-month government under Mahathir’s leadership greatly damaged the country’s image, the judiciary, selective prosecution, the decision to cancel projects that had already been agreed on and the fraudulent manifesto promises to voters are a reminder that such things should be prevented from happening again.

If there is a party that proposes Mahathir to return as Prime Minister, that party should think twice.

Mahathir is not the solution to the country’s problems, Mahathir is part of the country’s problems.

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