Google apps, advanced features on new HUAWEI Mate50 series

HUAWEI devices, including the latest HUAWEI Mate50 series, now support Google-related apps.

Users can enjoy the best of HUAWEI’s technology and features, while easily accessing Google-related apps, such as Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Meet and more.

This also means that Android users can seamlessly transfer their data — including WhatsApp messages and media — to their HUAWEI devices.

To access Google-related apps, users need to install the ‘Lighthouse’ app from HUAWEI AppGallery. On the app, tap the settings button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Tap ‘Add Account’ and sign in to the Google Account. Once done, all Google-related apps will be available for download from the AppGallery.

Currently, these HUAWEI devices support Google mobile services:

– The all-new Mate50 series

– nova10 series

– nova Y90/Y70

– nova 9/9SE

– P50/P50Pro/P50 Pocket

– Mate Xs 2

– Matepad 10.4/Matepad Pro11

– Matepad SE

– Matepad Pro 12.6

All supported devices need to run on Malaysian software, which can be easily modified by changing the region on the AppGallery.


It has been two years since HUAWEI launched the HUAWEI Mate series, and with its recent release of the industry-leading Mate50 series — comprising two smartphones, the Mate50 and Mate50 Pro — users have a lot to be excited about.

In fact, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro comes with countless cool features, including an impressive camera, crystal-clear screen, powerful battery and EMUI 13 operating system.


The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is the first HUAWEI smartphone equipped with XMAGE, the tech giant’s own mobile imaging brand.

It is the industry’s first smartphone camera with a 10-size adjustable physical aperture. Its F1.4 large aperture, together with the smartphone’s XD Fusion Pro image engine and high light intake, can adjust the image’s brightness, light and shadow details.

Besides that, the camera boasts several cool features and settings that allow users to capture breathtaking images and videos with a single click. Not just that, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro was ranked first place at the DXOMark Smartphone Camera Ranking!


In addition, the Mate50 Pro’s screen has incomparable durability. Its Orange Vegan Leather version comes with Kunlun glass, which consists of 10 quadrillion-level nanocrystals, making it more resilient and drop-resistant.

The smartphone is even recognised for its screen durability. It is the first smartphone to receive a five-star glass drop-resistant certification from Switzerland’s SGS.

Pair this with the smartphone’s IP68-rated water resistance of up to 6m underwater, and tech junkies will love just how long-lasting and resilient the device is.


The Mate50 series also features an innovative battery, capable of entering into Low Battery Emergency Mode when the power level falls to one per cent. When this happens, the SuperEnergy Boosting enables the smartphone to extend standby time for more than two hours or 12 minutes of call time.

The battery capacity is a large 4,700mAh. Users need not worry about the smartphone’s weight, as the HUAWEI Mate50 series is lighter than its predecessor.


The Mate50 series is also the first to run on EMUI 13, HUAWEI’s latest and finest smart operating system.

Some new features include SuperStorage, which removes duplicate files and compresses rarely used apps, allowing users to save up to 20GB of storage and enjoy more room for photos and videos.

Another cool feature is SuperHub, which allows users to temporarily store images, documents and text, all of which can be shared in batches and easily transferred between apps and devices.


Those concerned about security and privacy will be pleased to know that the HUAWEI AppGallery guarantees users’ security through the mandated security check function for app developers:

– App developer’s real-name authentication

– Four security check measures

– App installation security

– Operation defence mechanism

In addition, users can also determine their smartphone’s security by using the security check function available on the AppGallery. To do this, head over to the AppGallery, tap on ‘Me’ on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen,  tap ‘Security Check’ and then tap ‘Scan’.

The security check will scan the AppGallery for viruses, fraud, privacy infringement and malicious behaviour. It will also give security tips. This can all be done in one click.


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