I had to lie down naked to cool down, said Merdeka 118 tower daredevil

I had to lie down naked to cool down, said Merdeka 118 tower daredevil

I had to lie down naked to cool down, said Merdeka 118 tower daredevil

KUALA LUMPUR: “I ran the first 32 floors and got overheated. I had to lie down on the concrete floor naked to cool down a little bit and I drank all the water I had.”

That is what daredevil Angela Nikolau went through when she climbed to the top of the spire of Merdeka 118, the second tallest building in the world.

Sharing her experience in a series of tweets on her Twitter account, Nikolau said when she started the mission, she was wearing a hijab, glasses and a builder’s uniform to look as unnoticeable as possible.

“I found shelter in a small concrete box where I could not even stretch my legs. I didn’t know then (that) I’d have to spend more than 20 hours there!” she tweeted.

Nikolau said that she managed to be at the spire after more than 25 hours.

“I had no food, no water and no sleep. I couldn’t stretch my legs and my whole body was stiff and aching. I couldn’t even cry because the workers were right next to me and they could hear my sobs and hand me over to security. Worst time of my life

“Three hours later I thought that if I didn’t start moving, I’d be too weak to finish the mission. I needed to brace myself and start doing something. Luckily the workers had a break and I could come out and run to the spire!”



“The spire itself was 53 floors high and I was wearing a 15kg backpack,” she said.

She admitted that the climb was the hardest one of her life.

“I’m not sure I’d be able to do it again. But the beauty I saw and could capture and share with you is incredible,” she tweeted.

In her tweet, Nikolau also said that she had spent weeks gathering crucial information prior to the trip.

“I rented an apartment with a good view of the tower so I could conduct surveillance of the building. I felt an instant spiritual connection. Such a majestic building in the middle of an amazing city,” she said.

Nikolau said that even though she was trespassing, she took special care not to cause any damage.

“My goal is to create memorable art by capturing the moments of the world’s tallest buildings,” she said.

Nikolau and her partner Ivan Beerkus caused an uproar after pictures of them standing at the top of the spire of the tower were uploaded on SkyscraperCity.com, and made an appearance on the Malaysia community subreddit on reddit.com.

Following the incident, netizens questioned the security at the tower.

Saga terjunam dalam longkang

I had to lie down naked to cool down, said Merdeka 118 tower daredevil



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