Hijab inner to keep you cool

For a hijab wearer, the inner, worn before the tudung, is as important, if not more, than the veil itself.

The correct one wicks sweat so you don’t end up with itchy scalp, and stays on for hours so your hijab doesn’t budge.

One of the forerunners in hijab inner is local brand Innersejuk, which, as the name suggests, is big in innerwear, thanks to its proprietary DriChill material.

The brand launched 12 new and improved designs to keep every hijab wearer cool, comfortable and clean. There are 19 colours for each of the 12 designs.

Made in Malaysia, the inner is designed with a high focus on innovation and technology, with extensive research and development to allow modern women to express herself freely, without the constraints of an ill-fitted or uncomfortable hijab inner.

Co-founder Azwani Ahmad says with the launch, the company wants to ensure that all Muslim women can find inners suitable for their daily needs.

“With our inners, you have one less thing to worry. Just put it on and go about your day with confidence and comfort,” he says.

“Our goal is to provide practical solutions for modest stylish wear. From designing to manufacturing, our products are meticulously planned to deliver the best quality and experience to our customers. We’re really excited to hear what they have to say about the new releases,” she says.

The new line-up has slits for earbuds or earphones, liberating the wearer’s movement and activity.


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