Saifuddin confirms Umno given exemption on no-contest motion


Kuala Lumpur : Home minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has confirmed that Umno was granted an exemption under the Societies Act 1966 for the resolution barring contests for its top two posts in the upcoming party elections.
In a statement today, Saifuddin said the exemption was given pursuant to Section 70 of the Act.
“Referring to Umno’s constitution and meeting rules, the ministry has, in accordance with Section 70 of the Act, decided to exempt Umno from compliance with Section 13(1)(c)(iv) of the Act with regards to the additional motion passed,” he said.
Under Section 70, the minister is empowered to use his discretion to exempt any registered society from all or any of the provisions of the Act.
Section 13(1)(c)(iv), on the other hand, allows the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to cancel the registration of a society if it violates any provision of the Act, any regulations made thereunder, or any of its rules.
Yesterday, Saifuddin said he had yet to see a letter from his ministry approving Umno’s no-contest motion for the top two posts at its party polls.
He said he had just returned from the Philippines and had not spoken to anyone about the letter, the contents of which were revealed by Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Saturday.
On Sunday, Zahid said the letter sent by RoS to prove that it has accepted the party’s resolution of barring contests for the top two posts in the upcoming party elections would be made public.
Zahid hoped the revelation of the contents would put an end to the issues that have arisen from the decision, adding that it would confirm the general assembly’s role as the highest decision-making body for Umno.
Zahid made the statement in response to party vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob asking for proof of the letter that cleared the party of any wrongdoing over the no-contest motion.
Ismail had said Zahid should make the letter public as there were contradicting news reports on the response from RoS.
Last month, it was reported that RoS was investigating a possible violation of the party’s constitution after the motion was approved at its general assembly in January.
The investigation came about after two Umno members lodged a report with RoS claiming that the tabling of the motion at the general assembly had breached Article 10 of the party’s constitution.
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