Myanmar national dies after stomach gutted open in fight

Myanmar national dies after stomach gutted open in fight

Myanmar national dies after stomach gutted open in fight

HULU SELANGOR: A Myanmar national died after his stomach was viciously gutted open, believed to have been killed in a fight at a farm workers’ house at Sungai Gumut in Kampung Sungai Serian in Kalumpang here yesterday.

Hulu Selangor district police chief, Deputy Superintendent Mohd Asri Mohd Yunus said that the cause of the incident was believed to be due to a misunderstanding while drinking alcohol.

He said that the 29-year-old victim was confirmed to have died at the scene of the incident, sprawled with his stomach gutted open.

Earlier Mohd Asri said that police received information regarding the incident at around 6.46pm.

“The complainant, who is also a farm worker, informed us that a fight had taken place involving two foreign nationals where one was critically injured,” he said in a statement released earlier today.

Acting on the information received, Mohd Asri said that a police team from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Hulu Selangor District Police Headquarters (IPD) arrested two foreign nationals, who are believed to live together with the victim, at around 1.30am.

“Following the arrests made, another man was arrested in the nearby jungle area where the incident took place at around 11am.



“We believe that one of the suspects is related to the victim,” he said.

Mohd Asri added that urine tests of all three suspects, aged between 28 and 33, were found to be negative for drugs, and they did not have previous criminal records.

He said that two of the suspects would be remanded for 14 days from today until March 23, while the other suspect would be brought to the Kuala Kubu Baru sessions court for a remand order to be issued.

“The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code,” he said.

Mohd Asri believes that with the arrests of the three suspects, police will be able to solve the case within the next 24 hours.

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Myanmar national dies after stomach gutted open in fight




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