Malaysian woman ‘possessed’ while hiking, says Selangor Fire Department

Malaysian woman ‘possessed’ while hiking, says Selangor Fire Department

Malaysian woman 'possessed' while hiking, says Selangor Fire Department
The woman was stretchered down the hiking trail after being allegedly “possessed” during the trip. (Photo: Selangor Fire Department)

KUALA LANGAT — What was supposed to be a leisurely hike for a family of six at the Bukit Jugra Trail in Banting turned into a harrowing experience when one of them was allegedly “possessed” by a supernatural force on Sunday (3 September).

According to the Selangor Fire Department, a woman in her twenties, along with five other family members, had embarked on the hike earlier in the day.

The young woman began to exhibit strange behaviour after hiking a distance of approximately 3km, prompting her concerned family members to contact the local fire department for assistance.

The woman suddenly began to mutter incoherently and exhibited signs of being “possessed by supernatural entities”, the Selangor Fire Department said in its statement.

Ahmad Mukhlis Mukhtar, Assistant Director of Selangor Fire and Rescue Operations, reported that the team swiftly responded to the distress call, which came in at 12.24pm.


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A team consisting of officers from the Banting Fire and Rescue Station were deployed to manage the situation and ensure the safety of the hikers.

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Using a stretcher, the entire rescue operation lasted approximately one hour to get the woman to safety. The woman was subsequently reunited with her family members.

Despite the ordeal, the woman emerged from the incident physically unscathed. She was examined by medical personnel on-site and found to be in stable condition, with no injuries reported.

Reports of supernatural cases in Malaysia are not uncommon.

While some incidents are reported in the rural areas of Malaysia, there are no shortage of alleged incidents in the country, so much so that even scammers are using the supernatural to find their victims.

Malaysian woman ‘possessed’ while hiking, says Selangor Fire Department



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