Two former Umno leaders join DAP

Two former Umno leaders join DAP

Two former Umno leaders join DAP
Tarmizi (third from left) receives new membership forms from Mukmin and other former Umno members in a ceremony at a restaurant here on Friday.

SERI ISKANDAR – Two former Umno branch leaders in Parit Division along with eight other party members joined DAP.

They are the former Titi Gantung Umno branch’s former deputy chief Abdul Mukmin Abd Rashid and Pekan Parit Umno Youth chief Rosman Esa who submitted their membership forms to Parit DAP parliament chairman Tarmizi Mohd Jam in a ceremony in Seri Iskandar, Parit, last Friday.

Mukmin said the decision was made because he felt abandoned by the Umno grassroots after losing twice in the contest for the position of Parit Division Umno Youth Leader.

He claimed joining DAP would provide him with an extensive platform to discuss issues about the people

“I volunteered twice to run for the position of Umno Youth Leader of Parit Division, but I was unsuccessful and it was evident that the delegates cast ballots against me.

“When I joined DAP, some said I was after money and a position. Since I was a kid, I have been interested in politics, and I wanted a platform to represent the voice of people.

“DAP open up the widest possible space for professionals,” he told Sinar on Monday.

Mukmin said they chose to migrate to take new political steps that were increasingly open in a fresher and healthier democratic competition.

He said it was expected that several Umno members would become members of the DAP branch.

Meanwhile, Tarmizi in a statement congratulated him for his courageous choice to join DAP.

He was optimistic that more Malays would join DAP even though it Was still new in Parit.

In September last year, Tarmizi created history when he established DAP and included Malays in the Parit Parliament.

Two former Umno leaders join DAP



Media tidak jujur melapor, masih mahu kait nama Najib.

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