Siti Mastura presses for updates on Lim’s 3R case

Siti Mastura presses for updates on Lim’s 3R case
Siti Mastura presses for updates on Lim’s 3R case
Under fire: Siti Mustara and her husband Asyrul Firdaus Hasnul arriving at the police headquarters in Bukit Aman. — AZHAR MAHFOF

KUALA LUMPUR: After giving her statement to the police over her controversial speech involving DAP leaders, Kepala Batas MP Dr Siti Mastura Muhammad asked for updates on the 3R (race, religion, royalty) investigation on DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng.

“Since mine is also a 3R case, where is the update on the 3R investigation launched on Lim Guan Eng’s speech previously?” Siti Mastura asked.

Met outside Bukit Aman here yesterday, the MP said she was merely asking for updates.

“I am just asking about the status of the investigation on YB Bagan regarding the temples,” she said, referring to the probe launched on the Bagan MP in July over a speech he had made.

Lim claimed that a news report on his speech made in Mandarin was distorted.


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Yesterday, Siti Mastura was summoned by the police to give her statement over her claims that Lim has family ties with the late Chin Peng, a Communist Party of Malaya leader.

Regarding her session at Bukit Aman, Siti Mastura’s lawyer, Ahmad Amzar Ahmad Azlan, said around 10 questions were asked by the police.

“She has been summoned over a speech that was made during the Kemaman by-election campaign trail and we have cooperated with the police in answering their questions.

“We also handed over references that we have collected to the police,” he said.

He added that his client had received four letters of demand from Lim, his wife Betty Chew and his father, former DAP chairman Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang, and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.


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“At this time, we have not gone through their letters in detail.

“Follow-up action will be taken after we have done so.

“We will then weigh our options. As of now, the statements that she made are as they are,” he said, referring to her speech at the event in Kemaman that has gone viral in a video recently.

Ahmad Amzar said any decision to retract, amend or retain the statements issued would be made after the letters were studied in detail.

In the video, Siti Mastura has also linked Lim and his wife to other DAP leaders, namely Anthony Loke, Kok, Nga Kor Ming and Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

The PAS leader has also claimed that Kit Siang is a cousin of former Singapore prime minister, the late Lee Kuan Yew.

Siti Mastura presses for updates on Lim’s 3R case



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