No point contesting Kota Lama if you keep losing, Khalid tells MCA

No point contesting Kota Lama if you keep losing, Khalid tells MCA

No point contesting Kota Lama if you keep losing, Khalid tells MCA
Amanah communications director Khalid Samad said MCA should prioritise serving the people instead of chasing after seats for symbolic reasons.

PETALING JAYA: It makes little sense for MCA to contest the Kota Lama state seat in Kelantan because of its track record of frequent electoral defeats, says Amanah communications director Khalid Samad.

Khalid said the seat’s incumbent, Dr Hafidzah Mustaqim, had been serving the area well after securing victory in the predominantly PAS-held constituency in last August’s state election.

“Our priority now is to secure as many seats as possible. Amanah candidates have proven their capability by winning seats for the unity government and this achievement must be acknowledged by MCA,” he told FMT.

“What’s the point of contesting if MCA keeps losing? Previous results show that they cannot win.”

He also rejected the concept of “traditional seats”, countering Kelantan MCA chairman Chua Hock Kuan who said Kota Lama remains the most suitable option as his party has historically contested there.


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Chua also said that no other area in Kelantan boasts a Chinese community exceeding 30% of the population.

Earlier, Kelantan BN chairman Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub said MCA would be given a state seat to contest in the next general election.

In response, Khalid said it had shut the door on making way for other parties, including MCA, to contest the state seat in Kelantan.

MCA last held the Kota Lama state seat after the 1995 general election. From 1999 until 2023, PAS held the seat through Anuar Tan Abdullah.

In the last state election, Hafidzah won the seat, which has 33,043 voters, on a PH ticket by a narrow 202-vote majority.


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Khalid also urged MCA to prioritise service to the people over chasing after seats for symbolic purposes, as such efforts would be a “waste of time”.

“What matters most now is ensuring victory for the unity government candidate rather than fighting over seats. That’s when there’s a sense of cooperation and positive collaboration,” he said.

No point contesting Kota Lama if you keep losing, Khalid tells MCA



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