Malaysian Embassy in Sudan monitoring students with COVID-19 symptoms

KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — The Malaysian Embassy in Sudan is monitoring the conditions of Malaysian students with COVID-19 symptoms in the African country, as they are working with local health authorities to get them tested for the coronavirus.

The embassy said a preliminary assessment by healthcare personnel showed that the students’ symptoms are very mild, and instructions have been issued for them to undergo 14 days of self-isolation or quarantine.

“Majority of the students (in Sudan) are in good health. Thus far, some of the students are showing mild signs of the COVID-19 symptoms; for example – coughing, loss of taste and smell, sore throat, and flu.

“We are aware of reports that some students are unwell, and are currently being monitored by the Embassy,” it said in a reply to Bernama’s query.

It said the Embassy’s staff members have also visited all the students’ homes periodically to ensure that adequate food and medicines are available.

The Embassy said a total of 73 Malaysians registered with them, comprising 45 students, 17 professionals and their families, as well as 11 embassy staff and their families.

“The government has made the decision, based on the assessment of the current situation in Sudan, that there is no critical need to repatriate Malaysians in Sudan; and thus, the repatriation plan is not necessary at this point of time,” it said when asked on the arrangements being made to bring back Malaysians from Sudan.

But it noted that the Embassy has prepared a contingency plan, and subsequently shared with all Malaysians the FAQ as well as a flowchart of what to do and expect during COVID-19 pandemic in Sudan.

Malaysians are also being constantly updated through WhatsApp, it said.

The Embassy advised all Malaysians to abide with local and health authorities’ instructions with regards to COVID-19 preventive measures in order to minimise contact and risk of infection.

The Khartoum International Airport has been closed to all commercial flights since March 18 until June 14, and may be extended depending on the situation. But freight or cargo flight and humanitarian as well as repatriation flights are nevertheless allowed.

The total lockdown in Sudan has also been extended until June 18.

The embassy said 5,865 confirmed cases have been reported in the country, including 347 deaths, as of June 4. Most of the cases are centred in Khartoum, with 4,571 cases or 78 per cent of the total cases in Sudan.


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