Encouraging Malaysians to choose solar

LOCAL player Verdant Solar is bullish about the solar technology adoption in Malaysia.

The company, which was awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records for being the company with the most photovoltaic (PV) system home installations in a year recently, said it was committed to help develop sustainable cities and communities to alleviate climate action.

Verdant Solar’s project business development manager, Wang Woei Shenq, said through its solar solutions, the company hoped to contribute towards a sustainable future, but they would need more help to encourage more to adopt such a solution.

“We definitely need the government’s aid in having more encouraging policies for residents to adopt solar technology. While from our side, we’re doing our best in giving services, solutions, and Internet of Things systems.

“We believe that apart from focusing on existing solar users, we need an app for even ordinary power consumers to counter-check their own electricity bills. This will help us a lot in reeling in more residents to acquire the technology,” Wang added.

Verdant Solar chief executive officer, Zeth Lim, added that making the solar panels more affordable and offering a seamless adoption process would boost the take-up rate.

“In addition to solar PV, we are also exploring opportunities in battery energy storage systems and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

“We recognise the fast growth of the EV industry and want to play a part in this industry helping EV owners achieve net-zero emissions through solar integration and battery systems into their EV ecosystem. With the new battery systems, customers will still have energy during power outages while contributing to the environment,” Lim said.

In 2022, Verdant Solar has installed solar power systems in more than 650 properties, equivalent to 6.5MWp, to reduce their electricity bills by up to 90 per cent.

This means their customers achieved electricity bill savings of RM171.5 million, and an equivalent carbon dioxide avoidance of 209,792 tonnes in 25 years.

By 2023, Verdant Solar expects a total of 3,322MWp solar PV installed capacity in Malaysia to achieve its objective of making the world a better place via renewable energy.


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