Pundit can’t believe what he’s hearing about Liverpool

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Pundit can’t believe what he’s hearing about Liverpool
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Sander Westerveld has now claimed that he’s been hearing something strange about Liverpool.

The Reds are locked firmly in a Premier League title race after Sunday’s 0-0 draw between Manchester City and Arsenal meant the trophy is in Liverpool’s hands.

Jurgen Klopp’s side will win their second ever Premier League title if they can maintain the current two point gap over Arsenal between now and the middle of May – which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Now – amid the drama of the title race – Westerveld has shared what he finds odd about Liverpool

What Sander Westerveld finds strange about Liverpool

Well, the Dutchman – who made 103 appearances for Liverpool – finds it weird that some have accused the Reds of not actually playing that well this season.

The Mirror even published an article on the matter, with comments from Harvey Elliott proving that even some Liverpool players know they could move into another gear.

Liverpool’s No.19 said: “We haven’t really been playing to the best of our ability but we’re winning. You’d rather not play that good and get the points. It is about getting three points.”

It is indeed all about winning, and Westerveld believes anybody criticising Liverpool – despite the fact Klopp’s side are top of the Premier League – would be wrong to do so.

The 49-year-old said: “It’s strange that everyone says that things are actually not going very well. They are indeed at the top, so things are going well enough. Last year they had a lot of injuries, so they had to play with a different team every time, especially at the back and in midfield.”

Things would actually be going even better had the Premier League not incorrectly ruled out a goal from Luis Diaz against Tottenham back in September, which would have put Liverpool 1-0 up in north London.

The Reds eventually lost 2-1.

Sign of champions

If anything, the fact Liverpool do not actually look to be as cohesive as years gone by – but are still winning games – is the sign of a champion.

To have more points than Arsenal and Manchester City at this stage of the season – but seemingly not getting out of second gear while doing so – speaks volumes about just how talented Klopp’s side are.

If Liverpool can now put a nine-game run together and blow opponents away like Arsenal have done in 2024 so far, the Premier League title will surely be heading to Anfield.

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