I would’ve asked the same questions, says Asia Mobiliti co-founder

Premesh Chandran, a former Malaysiakini CEO, says if he wasn’t with Asia Mobiliti now, he would also ask why the startup was selected and if it was based on merit.

I would’ve asked the same questions, says Asia Mobiliti co-founder

I would’ve asked the same questions, says Asia Mobiliti co-founder
Asia Mobiliti’s co-founders, M Ramachandran and Premesh Chandran, defended their company after questions were raised about how the company was selected. (Asia Mobiliti pic)

PETALING JAYA: The co-founder of a controversial startup selected to run a Selangor transport project said today he would have also questioned the deal if he was still in the media.

Premesh Chandran, a former CEO of Malaysiakini, said if he were not part of Asia Mobility Technologies Sdn Bhd (Asia Mobiliti) he would be asking similar questions that were directed at the company.

This included why Asia Mobiliti was selected and if its selection was merit-based as well as if it had delivered in the past, he said in a podcast.

Various parties have highlighted the possibility of preferential treatment and conflict of interest in the selection of Asia Mobiliti, one of two firms to run a nine-month proof of concept for a transit project in the Klang Valley.

Such questions arose after it was revealed that Asia Mobiliti’s CEO is M Ramachandran, the husband of youth and sports minister Hannah Yeoh. She has since said she would leave it to the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission to investigate the appointment of her husband’s company by the Selangor government.


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MACC said on Friday it was investigating fresh leads after previously stating there was nothing wrong with Asia Mobiliti’s appointment.

Premesh said while he understood the concerns raised over Ramachandran’s ties to Yeoh, the public should focus on the facts surrounding the company’s selection, the Scoop website quoted him as saying.

Ramachandran said the public should take into account the company’s capabilities and track record in resolving transport woes, noting that they were heading into its seventh month of running the project following its appointment in October.

“(It’s as if critics are saying) we don’t care how good you are, we want to see who you’re married to. They don’t care whether or not we can do the job…what kind of logic is this?” he was quoted as saying.

He said as far as Asia Mobiliti is concerned, they have proven that they have the expertise and obtained their licence through due process.

Asia Mobiliti is one of two companies involved in the project. The other company is Badanbas Coach Sdn Bhd.

I would’ve asked the same questions, says Asia Mobiliti co-founder




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