New political party Bersama unveiled

New political party Bersama unveiled

New political party Bersama unveiled
Bersama president Danial Marnokaran Abdullah (centre, with glasses) at the launch of the party in Shah Alam tonight.

SHAH ALAM: A new political party, Bersatu Sasa Malaysia (Bersama), has been formed, with entrepreneur Danial Marnokaran Abdullah named as its president.

At its launch tonight, Danial said the party was formed to “challenge the status quo of the political elites in the country”.

“Currently, anyone who wants to be involved in politics will be asked about their background, influence and financial backers. Only those with a certain degree of influence are typically welcomed,” he said in his speech.

“In Bersama, we aspire to provide a platform for anyone passionate about serving the people at the forefront of politics. No more political inheritance.”

On Friday, FMT reported that a multiracial party backed by young professionals would be introduced to offer Malaysians a “fresher voice.”


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Political analyst Azmi Hassan said the new party might face challenges in positioning itself, highlighting the difficulties of moving alone in the country’s political landscape.

When asked if the party would join any coalition or form one, Danial said such alliances were not the party’s current priority. Instead, it is aiming to emerge as a “third force” that provides checks and balances while voicing the people’s concerns.

Acknowledging the lack of financial support, he said that Bersama is “from the people for the people” and intends to rely on a crowdfunding model to support the party.

“This is because we don’t want to be answerable to anyone except the people,” he said.

Danial also said the party is setting its sights on participating in the next general election.

He added that documents on the party’s leadership and constitution had been submitted to the Registrar of Societies and were waiting for approval.

New political party Bersama unveiled




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