Three operating models for schools to fully reopen – Mohd Radzi

PUTRAJAYA, July 1 — The Ministry of Education (MOE) has proposed three operating models to be chosen and adopted by schools to fully reopen starting July 15.

Senior Minister Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin said the three operating models are Single Session Model, Dual Sessions Model and Rotational Model.

“The first one is the Single Session Model for schools which have sufficient classrooms or spaces to accommodate all their students in one session after taking into account the social distancing rule.

“The second model is Dual Sessions Model for schools which are already using the dual-session system or single-session schools that aren’t able to accommodate all their students in one session,” he told a press conference at the MOE here today.

He said the Rotational Model, on the other hand, is for schools which do not have sufficient space to accommodate all the students even by implementing the dual-session system, especially schools located in densely populated areas.

Mohd Radzi said parents would be informed about the models chosen by their children’s school at least a week before the full reopening of the school.

Elaborating, he said schools with a sufficient number of classrooms and able to observe social distancing among their students can easily opt for Single Session Model.

“For single-session schools which are not able to accommodate their students while having to comply with the social distancing rule, they can opt for Dual Sessions Model,” he said.

For primary schools which will opt for the Rotational Model, he said all students from Year 1 to Year 6 can come to school on a rotational basis based in their classes or year, whichever deemed suitable by the school.

“For secondary schools, those in Form Five and Six are required to come to school every day, while those in Form 1 to Form 4 must be rotational according to their classes and streams,” he said, adding that priority will be given to Form four students to attend school in preparation to sit for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination next year.

The minister said for the Rotational Model, a hybrid teaching and learning method would be used, which encompasses a face-to-face method during the days the students attend school and a home-based learning method for the days they stayed at home.

When asked on teachers’ tasks and presence at school, he said the school could allow work flexibility to the teachers who are required to teach dual-sessions.

When single session schools become dual-session schools, the schools need not only adjust the timetable for the students but also for the teachers, including allowing them to have flexible working hours, he added.


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