Man United player prove he can still be a long-term

By – Thiruselvam

Man United player prove he can still be a long-term

Perhaps some Manchester United fans will come away from today’s defeat against Manchester City not knowing what to think.

Erik ten Hag’s side were in the lead for long periods, and looked to be defending well.

However, when Phil Foden’s strike changed the game, it suddenly felt as if the gap between the sides was quite large.

Jonny Evans, who is accustomed to defending in those situations, had left the field after managing an injury all game, and suddenly more gaps began to appear.

But in truth, the game may have already been beyond Man United had Andre Onana not delivered such a strong display.

Whilst some United fans will blame him for allowing the second City goal to go in, others will say that is harsh.

But either way, Onana did deliver a very strong and assured display, particularly in the first half, and he continued his recent improvement in a United shirt.

Onana was positive coming for crosses, strong in his shot stopping, especially in one versus one scenarios, and was also efficient with his distribution.

The version we saw of the £47m-keeper in the first half was immaculate, we just now need to see it on a consistent basis.

Man United fans shouldn’t criticise Andre Onana for City display

The consistency point is an important one, we haven’t seen this level from Onana enough in a United shirt.

But still only 27-years-old, which isn’t old for a goalkeeper, there’s reason to believe that Onana can still be a long-term success at Old Trafford.

United fans have experienced a lot of ups and downs since Onana joined the club, but his City display should project confidence.

And again, even if some think Onana should have stopped Foden’s second goal, we’re talking about incredibly fine margins, and the display overall was very encouraging.

With the right team and project in front of him, there’s definitely still reason to believe that Onana can be a big success.And whether it’s under Erik ten Hag’s stewardship or not, with his position now being questioned again by one pundit, the keeper definitely has some strong attributes.

But as stated, Onana still needs to prove that he can maintain this level over a full game, a full month and even a full season.

However, today’s display in the first half in the particular, should provide a lot of encouragement.

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