Special Task Force for Undi18 says Nicole Wong


A special task force has been set up to cooperate with the government in regards to the Prime Minister’s promise to table a Constitutional amendment to implement Undi18, says MCA Youth.

Its national chairperson Datuk Nicole Wong Siaw Ting said that the task force will gather feedback and opinions from young adults to the government.

“We will provide feedback on every policy related to recovery in all aspects of the country’s politics, economy, culture and education, and provide advice to various governmental departments to help set their goals for key performance indicators (KPIs) for the first 100 days of governance,” she said.

Wong added that MCA Youth is also willing to assist and cooperate with the Election Commission (EC) to organise activities to implement Undi18 such as voter registration, updating voters’ addresses, education and others.

She also added that the youth wing has also submitted a memorandum to EC and proposed “Three Demands plus One Cooperation”.

The demands include the acceleration of the policy of lowering down the voting age from 21 to 18.


Wong added that the second demand is for EC to provide a timetable for implementing the policy and a list of parties cooperating.

“MCA Youth understands that the implementation of automatic voter registration requires cooperation with the National Registration Department.

“We, therefore, hope that the EC will provide a timetable for implementing this policy and a list of parties cooperating,” she said.

And lastly, MCA Youth demands that at least two youth representatives – one below 21 and another below 30 – become members of the EC.

“At least two youth representatives are required to become members of the EC to ensure that the voices of young adults are taken seriously,” she added.

On Saturday (Sept 11), the Prime Minister said that the Cabinet has agreed and committed to parliamentary and government administration reforms that include amendments to relevant laws to make Undi18 a reality.

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