Malaysia’s change is not an empty promise – Najib


Malaysia’s changes since its inception in 1963 were not done with empty promises.

Najib Razak through his Facebook called on the people to restore the glory of Malaysia as before 2018.

Malaysia was established in 1963 through various processes, especially the political journey and the conflict that hit the country.

Federation of Malaya was governed by a coalition of political parties called the Parti Perikatan since 1957.


Parti Perikatan was later dissolved on 1 July 1973 and rebranded as Barisan Nasional on the same date.

That started the journey of Barisan Nasional to manage Malaysia with the expertise of its locals, full of challenges.

Over time, Barisan Nasional has greatly changed the economic landscape of the entire country.

It started with planning and implementation that requires precision and taking into account the economic position of the country at that time.


The transition from a country that is dependent on agriculture to economic development through the development of other sectors is not an easy task.

The country’s economic dependence on the industrial sector has positioned Malaysia towards an economy on par with the developing countries of the world.

With the determination of the people of Malaysia, all obstacles were overcomed so well as a result of the planning of the government that ruled at that time.

Development and economic growth from Perlis to Sabah and Sarawak began to be enjoyed by the people.

For Barisan Nasional, everything is done for the people and will be passed on to the future generations without them having to feel the difficulties as in the beginning of the establishment of Malaysia.

But who would have thought that changes would hit Malaysian politics?



All the plans that have been arranged came to a halt when Barisan Nasional collapsed in GE14 only because of myths and tricks of empty promises.

The era of economic gloom and the loss of the direction of national development began when the promises made could not be translated.

Lots of time and energy wasted due to empty promises. Not only that, the ‘half-cooked’ planning also caused everything to be chaotic and not as beautiful as what were promised.

Therefore, the people need to be aware that now is not the time to continue to be in a gloomy state.

Changes need to be made for the sake of future generations. They deserve a Malaysia that has precise planning and implementation to face a better future.

Perubahan Malaysia bukan dengan janji kosong – Najib

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