Hasanah’s money is gone? The integrity of the MACC is tarnished

The integrity of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is further tarnished when the MACC arrests and investigates their own officers.

Yesterday, the MACC confirmed that it had detained 3 MACC officers following the matter.

It is believed that the MACC officer was arrested in connection with a former Head of Department.

Question arises on why only yesterday the MACC issued a statement on the detention of their officers when they have been arrested for 6 days since 14 September 2021?

If the date of remand of the MACC officer is calculated, it means that on September 19, the 3 officers have been released from remand.

The question is, what is the next action of the MACC and why no police report was made following the arrest of the MACC officer?

Yesterday, in a report by a portal, the PDRM confirmed that they had not received any report related to the loss of case money from the MACC.


Also linked is the spread of allegations of ‘case’ money being replaced with counterfeit money. However, the police warned not to share untrue allegations related to the counterfeit money.

A recent viral about former Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) director-general Hasanah Abdul Hamid in 2018 who was allegedly charged in a breach of trust (CBT) case involving RM50.4 million belonging to the government.

MACC confiscated cash and items from Hasanah in connection with the investigation of the case.

Hasanah was finally released without bail (DNAA) from charges in a US$ 12.1 million breach of trust case involving government funds in April 2021.

The MACC should make a detailed explanation on the detention of their officers because the justification for doing so began to be questioned in the Dewan Rakyat.


According to Gobind Singh Deo, the steps taken by the anti-corruption agency raises a question mark because the theft case is not within the jurisdiction of the MACC but the Royal Malaysian Police.

“So why did the MACC make arrests and detentions. This is a matter involving MACC officers.

“Is the MACC investigating the MACC itself?” he said while debating the royal decree in the Dewan Rakyat today.

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