PAS practices ‘Bohjan’ politic, other parties have to follow orders

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Affected by the UMNO President’s statement in an interview, PAS is now trying to influence PN and MN to focus on opposition-owned seats in GE15.

Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man stated the request from PAS in a statement in Dungun. He is believed to have issued a statement following a question from Zahid who questioned the existence of Muafakat Nasional (MN).

“Instead of clashing on the seats we have won, we should focus on the seats that we did not win and are still in the hands of PH (Pakatan Harapan) so that we avoid clashing with each other and increase the number of seats that we can win in GE15,” he said.

“We will ensure that all Pas supporters and machinery give support to candidates from the incumbent party. If the seat is held by Bersatu but then UMNO contests, PAS will not support UMNO. Similarly, if the seat belongs to UMNO and then Bersatu contests, then PAS will not support Bersatu. We want to avoid a three-cornered fight. That is our foundation,” he added.

It is clear that PAS wants both parties (PN & MN) to abide by their orders.

At the same time, PAS is making a profit for its own party because their seats will not be disturbed by either party.

The political way is similar to ‘Bohjan’ who wants all girlfriends to follow their wishes or will be left out and that is now the ‘main key’ of PAS.

Is it true that PAS only wants to ‘take advantage’ of the ideological differences between the two parties for its own benefit?

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