Received 700 million, Singapore returned 65 million, where is the balance?

Puad Zarkashi


Is it true that Zeti’s husband received RM700 million from 1MDB but Singapore only returned RM65 million? Where is the remaining RM635 million?

That is the question that needs to be answered by Zeti and her husband when the MACC revealed many things related to 1MDB.

Even former Attorney General Tommy Thomas revealed matters related to Zeti.

Who are the individuals at Bank Negara who prevented agencies such as the MACC and PDRM from sharing the information received by BNM from Singapore in 2015?

Such a question was raised by Dr Puad Zarkashi in his post on his facebook.


Puad also asked who are the individuals named Shaik Akmal Shaik Alauddin and Vincent Cheah Chee Kong who own Morningstar Equities Ltd. What was their relationship with Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop?


Ambank appointed two external companies as second subscribers for 1MDB Bonds worth RM5B in 2009.

One of the two overseas companies is Aktis Capital Singapore. They acted on behalf of Akmal’s Morningstar Equities. Morningstar received RM85 Million.


The people now want to see firm action taken against the reports on Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

Will Mahathir defend Zeti, Mohamad Nor Yakcop and Tawfiq Aiman?


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