More than 100 food riders protest new delivery fees

More than 100 food riders protest new delivery fees

More than 100 food riders protest new delivery fees
Nearly 100 motorcycle food delivery workers presented a memorandum to the company. -file pic

BUKIT MERTAJAM – A group of food deliverers or “riders” of a well-known food delivery company is asking the company to reconsider the new wage rates that have been falling over the past few months.

Agroup of over 100 food riders in Penang decided to send a memorandum and letter to the company’s representative in Jalan Baru, Perai here today.

The group’s representative, Mohd Zulhizri Zulkifli, 33, said they are asking the company to review the fee rate given to food deliverers because it is said that each food delivery person is getting RM1,000 to RM1,500 less per month now compared to the old rate.

“Others may see the new rate as small but the problem is because before this we get RM5 to RM7 per order based on the distance travelled but now it is only about RM3 more per order, it is a big issue for us riders.

“If we could make 30 orders within 10 to 12 hours in the past, we could earn up to RM200 but now if we want to get 30 orders we have to work up to at least 15 hours and only earn about RM100 more…it has an impact to us, so we have to work overtime with less pay,” he told reporters after sending a protest letter to the company’s representative, here today.

He said the food delivery group demanded that the payment for each delivery must be RM5 and above and he also hoped that the company’s management could review the issues raised and be able to resolve them as soon as possible so that all parties could benefit from the solution.

“We don’t want to strike or boycott but we want the matter raised to be resolved properly and quickly because the riders do want to continue working but should given an appropriate amount of wages,” he said. -Bernama

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More than 100 food riders protest new delivery fees



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