Fadhlina lists three ‘big sins’ in Education Ministry

Fadhlina lists three ‘big sins’ in Education Ministry

Fadhlina lists three 'big sins' in Education MinistryFadhlina Sidek

SHAH ALAM – Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek has listed three major sins in her ministry that need to be taken seriously by all parties, especially groups in the education sector.

According to Nibong Tebal member of parliament the three issues are bullying, sexual crimes, and racism.

“The highest pillar in education (MOH) is love, and we cannot do any work without love—love for God, teachers, students, parents, and knowledge.

The programme was conducted by host Samuel Isaiah, who is also the recipient of the Top 10 Global Teacher Prize Award 2020.

Commenting on the value of love instilled in the ministry that she leads, Fadhlina said that with such a quality, it can erode all the negative things that exist, whether outside data or in the national education sector.

“In this education, apart from talking about our policy, we should also focus on the basic thing, which is love. I believe that in this way we can bridge the gap and sow the spirit of unity,” she said.

On Dec 2 last year, Fadhlina was appointed Education Minister to line up the cabinet of the unity government led by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Fadhlina lists three ‘big sins’ in Education Ministry



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