Pas needs to stop dreaming about overthrowing government

Pas needs to stop dreaming about overthrowing government

Pas needs to stop dreaming about overthrowing government
Asmuni Awi

POH – Perak Amanah Negara (Amanah) has criticised the statement made by Pas leaders who are extremely confident that they will take over the state government in the near future.

Perak Amanah chairman Datuk Asmuni Awi said this was hardly possible as the state administration led by Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN) was strong.

Apart from that, he said all assemblymen were bound by a law that prohibited them to jump party.

“Pas should stop dreaming. They need to accept the reality of the decision made by the people who do not want Pas to rule this state. Wait until the next GE (General Election) to be the government.

“Respect the will of the people. Let the existing government resume the administration without interference from any party,” he told Sinar Harian today.


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He said this in response to a statement by Perak Pas election director Mohd Fakhrudin Abd Aziz that the party was expecting to run Perak in the near future.

The matter was raised during the winding-up speech at the Pas 69th Muktamar from the Perak delegation.

Asmuni even challenged Fakhrudin to provide evidence over claims that Islam, the Malay Rulers and Malay language were threatened in a subtle way by certain individuals and organisations in his speech.

“I challenge him (Fakhrudin) to lay out the evidence of those who bring about the threat and report it to the police if it is true as claimed. Reveal the betrayer, don’t be vague.

“If no evidence is presented until Monday, I will ask the Perak Amanah Youth to lodge a police report as the statement was deliberately intended to scare the people,” he said.

Yesterday, Malay newspaper Utusan reported that Fakhrudin also revealed that there were calls for the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to be abolished to prevent efforts to uphold the syariah law and syariah courts.

Pas needs to stop dreaming about overthrowing government



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