Perhilitan: Don’t turn Sungai Kesang into venue for swim fest

JASIN, June 15 — The Melaka Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has reminded the public not to turn Sungai Kesang, which has gone viral for its clear blue water, into a venue for a swim fest as it has been declared a crocodile habitat since 2018.

“Based on observations by Perhilitan and information from local residents, two to three saltwater crocodiles, whose scientific name is Crocodylus Porosus, are believed to live along the river,” Melaka Perhilitan director Mohd Hasdi Husin told reporters after surveying the Sungai Kesang area today.

“So, don’t swim or bathe there as you will be disturbing the reptile’s habitat and this may lead to unwanted incidents.”

He said he had been informed by the Melaka Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) that Sungai Kesang would turn clear and bluish during high tide, supposedly due to the lack of land and agricultural activities upstream during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period since March 18.

Mohd Hasdi said Perhilitan would not disturb the reptile’s habitat unless there were complaints or the crocodiles attacked people.

Sungai Kesang, which is the border separating Jasin in Melaka and Tangkak in Johor, went viral on social media recently for its clear blue water, resulting in domestic and foreign visitors converging on the river to take photographs and swim there.

Meanwhile, a visitor, Roziah Awang, 37, from Selangor, said she was excited to see for herself the river’s clear blue water after photographs of Sungai Kesang, which some claimed to be like the Maldives, went viral on social media.

Roziah, who returned to her hometown of Chin Chin here after the government allowed interstate movement, grabbed the chance to visit the river with her family.


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