i-Citra is used by PH to cause stir among Umno leadership


Withdrawal of EPF contributors’ money of RM10,000 (one off) through the i-Citra scheme is seen as a priority for the Umno leadership.

However, what the Umno leadership is doing has caused concern to PH.

PH is worried about losing the popularity and support of the people for them because PH is not in line with what Umno is fighting for.

To minimize the impact of losing popularity, PH had to not support what the Umno leadership suggested to the government. For them, i-Citra will drown them by GE15.


This needs to be stopped and an easy way to tarnish Umno’s reputation is to fight the Umno leadership over i-Citra itself.

Try to see for yourself if they (PH) support the production of i-Citra of RM10,000 on a one-off basis?

Umno Supreme Council member, Dr Puad Zarkashi also touched on this matter through his writing.




This is to help the people affected by the economic contraction and the ‘¾’ state of emergency implemented by PN for almost 2 years.

Significant effects due to MCO and the ‘¾’ state of emergency, the number of workers who lost their source of income increased, many traders and hotel operators closed operations which also affected the local economic development.

Too many side effects occurred due to MCO and the state of emergency.

The country has also witnessed a relatively severe flood disaster which hit several states by the end of 2021. This adds to the burden that the people will have to face by 2022.

The efforts of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob who has announced various assistance initiatives from the government to flood victims should be commended but what about those who are not affected by the floods?

They also need good finances to start or at least improve cash flow for daily needs.

Not all citizens have strong finances as well as sufficient cash flow for future life. There is a financial burden that needs to be prioritized and a fixed monthly commitment must be paid off.

The efforts of the Umno leadership which sees the interests of the people as a priority should be considered.

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