PH will split, MUDA becomes the ‘thorn in the flesh’


The seeds of splitting in Pakatan Harapan (PH) are becoming clearer ahead of the Johor state election. Starting from the use of the PH symbol, now MUDA is also involved in the Pakatan Harapan split conflict.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has decided that they will use their own symbol in the Johor state election.

Meanwhile, AMANAH and DAP continue to use the Pakatan Harapan symbol.

Yesterday, seat-division negotiations between MUDA, DAP and AMANAH were made together without the involvement of PKR. The mutual agreement reached will give way to MUDA to obtain 6 DUN seats without competition from DAP and AMANAH.

The seats involved are:
N5 Tenang
N7 Bukit Kepong
N22 Parit Raja
N26 Machap
N41 Puteri Wangsa
N50 Bukit Permai



It is very clear that PKR has been sidelined in the understanding of the division of Pakatan Harapan seats in the Johor state election.

This internal turmoil caused Johor PKR Women to voice their disappointment when the Puteri Wangsa seat given to AMANAH was handed over to MUDA.

Napsiah Khamis Maharan from PKR on 27 January 2022 expressed disappointment after the initial negotiations of Pakatan Harapan had resulted in her not being able to contest because the seat was given to AMANAH.

But yesterday they were shocked when AMANAH ‘donated’ the seat to MUDA.

It is very clear that MUDA, especially its President, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman did not dare to put MUDA to contest in Muar because chosing the comfort zone. This is a cowardly way if in political terms.

The possibility that this division of seats will be the cause of the burial of Pakatan Harapan is increasingly undeniable.

But in either case a new coalition known as Pakatan Harapan 2.0 was created with the addition of MUDA and WARISAN in the new coalition.

PKR is rumoured to be trying to join Perikatan Nasional because it knows PPBM is in a desperate situation due to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s refusal to defend the Gambir seat.

If there is PKR’s participation as a new component in Perikatan Nasional, then the position of PPBM and Perikatan Nasional will be more secure because PKR has many non-Malay supporters but is willing to do anything to ensure win to their candidate.

“Siapa yang wujudkan kluster itu?” – Zahid Hamidi

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