Poor internet access at home likely due to set-up problems

KUALA LUMPUR: The issue of poor internet access, often experienced by Unifi customers, is most likely due to the set-up of the service at home, said Telekom Malaysia (TM) head of Customer Experience, Lolita Mohamed Suffian.

She said it could be either the location of broadband devices in the homes, or WiFi dead zones due to the layout of the house, or the number and types of devices connected to the WiFi.

She added that TM understood the increasing need for the community to use the internet to conduct online classes or work from home after the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The number of Unifi customers increased by 22 per cent to 2.85 million people. To further improve the WiFi experience at home, customers must take a few steps, including shifting the router to a part of the house where most of the time is spent.

“For example, if one is always in the living room, then the router should be placed there. Also, ensure that the router is not in a closed room or near a reflective or metal surface, to optimise WiFi connection,” she said when appearing as a guest on ‘Ruang Bicara’ programme, produced by Bernama TV, last night.

Lolita also urged customers to avoid placing the router near devices that produce electromagnetic interference, such as cordless phones, baby monitors or microwave ovens, or overlapping broadband equipment as this may cause the router to overheat and become less efficient.

“Customers can also invest in mesh, as most homes in Malaysia are double-storey. Additional mesh can expand WiFi coverage,” she added.

To optimise the WiFi experience, Lolita said that Unifi now offers a variety of mesh add-ons, based on customers’ lifestyle needs, from as low as RM15 per month, based on the number of devices used and the size of the home.

In addition, all new Unifi customers with a capacity of 100Mbps and above will receive a WiFi 6 router to ensure they have the best WiFi signal at home.

“For existing customers experiencing poor internet coverage, replacements to WiFi 6 routers will be provided. We are also proactively changing the equipment of existing customers who may experience internet issues periodically due to their current old routers.

“Our Unifi Elite, which is our on-demand WiFi expert, can also come to your home to check and advise on ways to optimise and improve your WiFi experience at home,” she said.

Further information on how to increase WiFI coverage and Unifi offers can be found on the unifi.com.my website, the myunifi app and at TMpoint.


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