Thailand also disappointed over ‘loss’ of 21,000 fans

Thailand also disappointed over 'loss' of 21,000 fans

Thailand also disappointed over ‘loss’ of 21,000 fans

KUALA LUMPUR: The “loss” of 21,000 fans at Bukit Jalil National Stadium for tonight’s AFF Cup first-leg semi-final clash between Malaysia and Thailand is not only a loss for the home team but for the away side as well.

Every player dreams of playing in front of large crowds and while there will still be 59,000 in attendance at the venue, it is still considerably shy of the 87,000 capacity.

The early construction of a stage for Jay Chou’s concert scuppered the Football Association of Malaysia’s (FAM) hope of a full crowd for the vital encounter, a situation which has led to a public outcry.

Thai team general manager Nualphan Lamsam feels that despite the War Elephants being the away side for the day, is also disappointed that more fans could not be at the stadium even if it could be at the detriment of her team.

“This is one of the largest stadiums in Southeast Asia but because of the concert, you can’t have 87,000 and only managed to sell 59,000, which became a big issue here,” she said.

“The 59,000 is a lot for me already. I understand what the fans are feeling in wanting to have a full stadium, even as an opponent, it’s something we wanted as well but it’s out of our control.

“But the government has put up big screens everywhere in Malaysia, which I think means a lot to the Malaysia national team.

“I believe the last game against Singapore is the record for this tournament this year. I appreciate and admire the passion of Malaysian fans, you have to be proud of player number 12,” she said.

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Thailand also disappointed over ‘loss’ of 21,000 fans



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