MCA slams Rina Harun’s call to shut vernacular schools

MCA slams Rina Harun’s call to shut vernacular schools

MCA slams Rina Harun's call to shut vernacular schools

MCA national youth chairperson Datuk Nicole Wong said Rina’s proposal exemplified the narrow mindedness of Bersatu’s leaders and their incompatibility with Malaysia’s multicultural society.

Citing the Federal Constitution, she said Article 152 (1)(a) stated that no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (other than for official purposes) or from teaching or learning any language.

On Dec 29, 2021, the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that the existence and establishment of vernacular schools and the use of Chinese and Tamil languages in these schools were constitutional, she said.

“The government should uphold the Federal Constitution by monitoring remarks such as those made by Rina and act against extremist individuals or organisations which continue to stir racial disharmony.

“Vernacular schools are protected under the Federal Constitution. Hence, there should be no reason to continue raising the issue other than to incite racial tension,” she said in a statement today.

Wong said Rina’s proposal could be part of the party’s strategy, labelling it as cheap publicity.

“Malaysians should be more aware of Bersatu’s political strategy. Now that its leaders have been implicated in court cases, they have no other capital except to exploit issues of race and religion for cheap publicity.”

Rina allegedly made the suggestion during the party’s annual general assembly yesterday.

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MCA slams Rina Harun’s call to shut vernacular schools



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