BN’s Segamat candidate goes to Federal Court to unseat PKR MP

BN’s Segamat candidate goes to Federal Court to unseat PKR MP

BN’s Segamat candidate goes to Federal Court to unseat PKR MP
PH’s R Yuneswaran (left) defeated BN’s M Ramasamy for the Segamat parliamentary seat by a majority of 5,669 votes in GE15 last November.

PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional’s Segamat candidate in the last general election (GE15), M Ramasamy, has gone to the Federal Court in an attempt to unseat Pakatan Harapan’s R Yuneswaran as the constituency’s MP.

Ramasamy filed an appeal on April 14 against the Muar election court’s ruling earlier this month which dismissed his election petition against Yuneswaran and the Election Commission (EC).

Under election laws, an aggrieved party has 14 days from the date of the court’s decision to file his appeal to the Federal Court.

The apex court has set case management on May 9.

The election court had held that Ramasamy’s petition was defective as it did not comply with the requirements set out in the Election Offences Act 1954 (EOA).


Langkah G15 Untuk Tumbangkan Kerajaan Gagal

In his written judgment, Justice Radzi Abdul Hamid said Ramasamy had on Nov 18 last year alleged that Yuneswaran had “corruptly” given food to voters at a Chinese temple event to influence them to vote for him.

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A police report was also lodged by Ramasamy against Yuneswaran over the temple event.

“The single act of treating at the temple cannot be presupposed to have affected the result of the election under Section 32(a) of EOA,” said Radzi.

The court also said Ramasamy had failed to establish the identities of those who attended Yuneswaran’s temple event and show that they were, in fact, voters in the constituency.


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“It would be necessary to name the recipients of the food packs to make out a case that they were, in fact, Segamat voters and that they were corruptly induced to vote for the respondent (Yuneswaran),” Radzi said.

Yuneswaran won with a majority of 5,669 votes in GE15, held in November last year. He defeated Ramasamy, Perikatan Nasional’s P Poobalan and Pejuang’s Syed Hairoul Faizey.

In his petition, Ramasamy claimed Yuneswaran and his agents violated election rules regarding campaign materials.

The MIC man also alleged that Yuneswaran distributed food parcels to voters on the campaign trail.

The petition was one of 11 filed by BN candidates to challenge the results in GE15.



Langkah G15 Untuk Tumbangkan Kerajaan Gagal

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