All Half-Boiled!

All Half-Boiled!

Humans are very forgetful beings. We tend to forget a lot of things when there’s too much going on. We forget our car keys, the remote control, groceries, people’s names, heck, we can even forget things we left in the car.

Speaking of leaving things in the car, this Melaka woman forgot one thing in her car that led her to regret it. EGGS.

24 eggs in 15 hours

Recently, a TikTok user (@nanie_azman) shared a video of how she forgot to take out the eggs she bought from her car. She accidentally left not one, but two dozen eggs in her car from nighttime to the next afternoon.

That’s 24 eggs for 15 hours, as reported by Weird Kaya. She said she left them in the back seat of her car from 10 pm to 1 pm the next day. And it’s not just some Gred C or B eggs mind you, they’re JUMBO eggs. Omega-3 ones too.

All Half-Boiled!
(Credit: @nanie_azman / TikTok)

When she suddenly remembered and went to check on them, she cracked a few eggs to see the condition.

Thanks to the hot Malaysian weather these days, the eggs were all perfectly half-boiled! Now that tells you how hot it can be in the car.

Although she regretted the wastage, she couldn’t help but laugh at her own forgetfulness.

Finding it amusing, she shared the video of her cracking some of the eggs in a bowl. The eggs still had a runny yolk, but the white part of them was almost solid. It’s a runny soft-boiled egg.


habis telur jadi separuh masak😭😭 #fypシ #fail #failcooking #halfboiledeggs

♬ Laughing Funny – John Marindri

It was an Egg Day for the family

Stumped and clueless about what to do with the eggs, she asked her mum for help. Not wanting to waste anything, her mum suggested that she keep it in the fridge that day and cook them all tomorrow since those eggs couldn’t be kept any longer. And she did egg-xacty that!

Following her mum’s advice, she cooked the eggs in various dishes for those two days straight. The dishes include Maggi with eggs, omelettes, egg Sambal, and Soy sauce scrambled eggs. She even gave some of the eggs to her family members who live near her, according to WOB.

All Half-Boiled!
(Credit: @nanie_azman / TikTok)

Netizens had a great laugh

Her video went viral on TikTok with 541.3 K views and 11.7 K likes at the moment of writing. A lot of people chimed in the comment section to share their amusement.

Most of them were entertained by the unfortunate but funny incident that she had to go through.

A lot of them even joked that those eggs looked like perfect half-boiled ones. Just add soy sauce and pepper and we’re good to go!

The rest of them shared their fair deal of the same incident as well. Some left the eggs in their car for a few hours, some for days, and some even accidentally left them for a week!

One user even left fresh prawns in her car. Yikes, the car must smell awful!

This Woman Accidentally Left 24 Eggs In Her Car For 15 Hours – It’s All Half-Boiled!

Forgetting groceries in the car is something most of us have done. Most of us have left food scraps, drinks, clothes or other belongings in the car, right?

What kind of things did you accidentally leave in the car?

All Half-Boiled!



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