‘Alamak Raya Lagi’ trend goes global

‘Alamak Raya Lagi’ trend goes global

'Alamak Raya Lagi' trend goes global
‘Alamak Raya Lagi’ trend goes global

SHAH ALAM – The song ‘Alamak Raya Lagi’ by De Fam Malaysian group has attracted international attention and artists overseas are also joining the trend of dancing along to the song, such as Korean pop girl group TRI.BE and Indian actor Santhosh Prathap.

In the videos, Santhosh and TRI.BE were seen following the trend and its viral dance routine which marked the song’s global reach.

The song first went viral before Hari Raya Aidilfitri when De Fam posted the song with its now-famous dance which reached over 15 million views in just a month.

Fans started following the dance trend, recording their own versions, mostly shared on TikTok. These videos ended up on the For You page, propelling them to viral status and sparking a chain reaction among TikTok users, including international ones.

De Fam member Azira Shafinaz expressed surprise at the song’s viral success this year.


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“Alhamdulillah, the song went viral internationally, where it was definitely out of our expectation, and we just want to express our thanks to those who have been supporting,” she said.

Despite being penned in 2022 for Eid celebrations, the song was only released this year and still resonates with audiences.

The song isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; it incorporates elements like the word ‘Alamak’ and a mild expletive in the line ‘Tapi wifi macam ba…’ (But the wifi is like ***…), injecting a little negativity.

De Fam clarified that the song is meant to portray a chaotic Hari Raya scenario, a familiar and homely feeling for many, and any negativity derived from it is subjective.

Azira added that regardless of the minor inconvenience that the song gives to some parts of the audience, she was still grateful for the remaining and the sole purpose of the song was to entertain the audience.


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Reaction to the song’s viral spread was mixed among netizens. Some embraced the trend, finding the music catchy and enjoyable, while others expressed disdain, citing religious concerns.

User @jamaliah.ibrahim.52 said it was up to the people to dance to the catchy music and there was no need for others to throw insults.

“It’s ok to me, I am entertained; the music is catchy, happening and nice to listen to. It is up to them what style of presentation they want to adhere to; there is no need to insult. They can dance like a flagpole for all they care.”

User @avo_cado_luv, on the other hand, said, “So? Should we be proud of this? Astaghfirullah.”

The negative comments mainly talked about the inappropriate dances associated with the trend, where most women follow such actions, claiming that they were against the teachings of Islam, while the positive comments mostly commended how good the song is as well as how it received an international audience.

‘Alamak Raya Lagi’ trend goes global




BERSATU huru hara akibat “Enam Jahanam”

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