MCA president’s flight delayed due to catering issues

MCA president’s flight delayed due to catering issues

MCA president's flight delayed due to catering issues
MCA president’s flight delayed due to catering issues

KUALA LUMPUR: What was supposed to be a quick process of catching a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johor turned out to be an unpleasant experience for Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.

The MCA president expressed his disappointment after his 9.30am flight was delayed by almost an hour due to catering issues on the plane.

Expressing his disappointment on social media, Dr Wee had meetings and programmes in Johor and was supposed to fly out from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 9.30am.

Dr Wee, who bumped into Julau MP Datuk Larry Sng at the airport, said they were headed to Johor on the same flight and were told it would be delayed.

“The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johor was ‘delayed’ as we had to wait for the catered food.When we arrived at the boarding gate at 9.15am, we were informed that the flight was not allowed to depart or not ready for boarding.


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“This was because it was still waiting for the caterer’s food that had yet to arrive to be loaded onto the plane.

“We had no choice but to return to the lounge to wait until further notice.

“At that time, the pilots and crew were already on the plane waiting for the food to be delivered,” he said in his post on Sunday (Nov 5).

The Ayer Hitam MP said that at 9.35am, they saw an AeroDarat vehicle arrive at the plane.
“After 13 minutes, the AeroDarat vehicle left the plane once it was done unloading.

“Due to the delay in managing the food supply, the flight we took, which was supposed to depart at 9.30am, only departed at 10.20am.

“I believe such incidents can be avoided should there be better coordination.

“Brahim’s contract to supply food ended in the middle of this year and it is acceptable if there were some hiccups at the initial stages.

“However, it has been a few months after MAS has implemented alternative plans and the delivery of food supplies is still delayed,” he said, questioning what really happened.

Dr Wee said he hoped MAS will take serious actions to tackle this issue.

“Hopefully, such incidents will not happen again,” he said.

MCA president’s flight delayed due to catering issues




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